Corey Moses

Find out more about our new Wesley Director, Corey Moses! He grew up in Brownwood, TX and graduated from High School in 2000. Toward the end of his HS years, he felt God calling him to vocational ministry in the realm of Music. Following God’s call in his life, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Music from McMurry University and a Master’s in Church Music from Hardin-Simmons University. 

His wife, Katie met him while at McMurry and have been married for 11 years. Katie is a wonderful wife, and caring mother. She loves reading, cooking, planning family outings, and navigating a slight compulsion to Pinterest. She holds an Environmental Science degree and cares deeply for creation care. Right now, Katie works for the City of Granbury as an Accounts Manager in the Finance Department. Katie has always remained the voice of constant support and encouragement. 

They have 2 daughters, Cadence (14), and Caroline (12). The way he typically describe the girls is that their personalities match their hair. Cadence has straight, brown hair, enjoys reading, and is 2 years into piano lessons. She insists on being in bed by 9:00 and we rarely have to instruct her on keeping her room clean and taking care of homework and things like that. Caroline, on the other hand, is curly blonde. Her room is always a mess, needs constant reminders for homework and adores all things shiny and sparkly. Caroline is in her 1st year of dance and is never happier than when the lights are on her with her make-up and sparkly dresses in the dance recitals. Cadence has decided she wants to teach music when she grows up, while Caroline wants to live in Paris and be a fashionista and ballerina.

They also have 2 dogs and a cat. Gunner (my buddy) is a 5 year old yellow lab/husky mix and wants to be everybody’s best friend.  Cookie, the cat was a gift from Santa 2 years ago…..Santa and Corey need to have a chat.
In his spare time, he loves fly fishing, reading, binge watching Netflix, and from time-to-time playing at racquetball. (He says “playing at,” because he's not very good.) He could not be more excited about following God’s call on his life in this new venture with Campus Ministry.


Allie Jackson

Allie is a senior, Child Development and Family Studies major with a minor in psychology and a concentration in Child Life Certification from Dallas, Texas. She has always loved helping people. She has been on countless mission trips around the country and even into Mexico. She likes to say that serving people is her spiritual gift. 

Allie found the Wesley Foundation her freshman year of college. She grew up knowing about the Wesley Foundation, but had not explored it until a friend (also a Tarleton Wesley alumna) had reminded her about it. This friend explained how it was the greatest place ever. Allie had to explore. The Wesley has become Allie’s happy place.

Mathew Aquino

Mathew Aquino, from Copperas Cove, Texas, is a senior at Tarleton State University. He grew up in an agnostic family which allowed him to explore spiritually for himself. After moving 11 times due to being a part of a military family, he finally settled done for a few years in First Baptist Church of Copperas Cove. Although he wasn't very strong in his faith, he eventually started participating within his church youth group often leading organizing youth organization events. Most notably he led "See You At The Pole," a national event where students all over campus gather to pray for the world, in the his town. Despite becoming so involved, his faith and the bonds he made with his other brothers and sisters in Christ needed some more growth and development.

Mathew first heard of the Tarleton Wesley through the Intergreek Council Event. After being offered a job as the Cleaner, he began to become more involved with he Wesley and its people. The Wesley gave him the opportunity to grow socially and spiritually using his talent of versatility to be put in areas that needed to be filled. Despite being an introvert, through fellowship and hard work, he made many new friends in the Wesley and eventually became the Marketing and Communications Team Leader to better himself and The Wesley.

Mathew devoted his time to help make disciples through social media, club collaborations, and marketing for the Wesley (including this website). Now, he is involved in Leadership Team and Life Group. He hopes to deepen the bonds with the people of the Wesley and bring more people closer to God through the gospel.

lynzee Gillespie

Lynzee grew up without any belief in God. When she left high school, she attended Louisiana College. During those years one of her friends brought her to a church event. It was such a life-altering experience that she accepted Christ into her life. She knew that the road ahead of her would be tough, though, since her whole life needed to change from how she spent her time to who she spent her time with. Her friends up to that point had been negative influences on her life, and she knew that she had to leave them behind if she truly wanted to follow God. She tried spending her time going to church events, but she struggled with leaving her friends behind. She knew she needed a fresh start where she could focus on living her life for God. As she struggled with these things, an opportunity for her to transfer to Tarleton State University opened up, and she knew that it was God opening a door for her.  

When she transferred, she knew that she wanted to get involved with a student ministry. Her cousins, Morgan and M’Kenna, were active students at the Wesley Foundation, and they invited her to attend with them. She felt awkward at first, but she saw that the students genuinely were interested in her and her life, which made her feel like a part of the Wesley. As she spent more time at the Wesley she started doing things without her cousins. That was when she knew that it was a home for her. At the Wesley she was surrounded by friends who encouraged her in her faith and helped her in her walk with Christ. Soon, she started inviting her own friends to the Wesley. The Wesley transformed her life from being just a student of Tarleton State University to a student with friends who would do anything for her.  

After she had been involved at the Wesley for a few months, David McMinn asked her to be a part of the worship team. She was hesitant and nervous, at first. Then, some of her friends at the Wesley encouraged her to try out for the Voice, a singing competition TV show. Although she did not make it on there it gave her a new confidence. She decided to join the worship band and has been part of it ever since. She continues to be very active in our foundation and is excited to continue growing with her Wesley family.

Kimberly Norris

Kimberly Norris, from Arlington, Texas, is a junior at Tarleton State. She grew up in a family that required and encouraged her involvement in her Methodist church, St. Barnabas UMC. She was very involved in her youth group there and helped out as much as she could. Although she had been raised to be active in church, she never fully formed a truly personal reason for her involvement in it. Being a part of the youth group was very important to her, but, often, she did not feel as passionately towards the church services.

When she came to Tarleton State University, she quickly became involved at the Wesley. Her enthusiasm for our organization was overflowing, and she joined our greeting team for our Tuesday night Logos Worship. The Wesley provided her with a set of friends that supported her through her first semester of college, and it also kept her involved in a Christian-oriented environment. As she became more involved, Kimberly began to realize the importance of church in her life and the positive effects it had on her as an independent young woman. She missed her old church services, and she realized that going to church was her choice now, not just her parents’. Being involved in the Wesley showed her the importance that the church plays in the lives of Christians, and she began to look forward to the Sunday services she attended, which was something he had not experienced before. 

Kimberly decided to apply for a leadership position for the spring and fall semesters of 2015. She was selected for the position of communications leader. She was be required to spread the word about to Wesley and our events via social media. As of spring 2016, she became the Vice President! With this opportunity, she hopes to better herself and represent the Wesley with her passion for her faith and her love for people.