Our Mission

We are a movement for and with the students of Tarleton State University. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and raise up a new generation of leaders for the sake of the Church and world. The way of a disciple is one who loves God, serves others and lives righteously.  

We understand that faith transforms our way of life into the likeness of Christ, therefore we hope to be a community becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ who live righteously in a complex and fragmented world. Through worship, prayer, small groups, sharing meals, drinking coffee, hanging out, mission work, and recreation, we rejoice in the gift of life we have by God’s power and grace. 

May we continue to pursue God’s unique will for our lives as we embody the values and presence of the Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven, with the students of Tarleton State University, the people of Stephenville, the poor and oppressed, and citizens of the world.