OUr weekly schedule

We have a lot going on here at the Wesley. Here are some weekly events during the fall and spring semesters that we would love for you to be a part of!


  • Sunday School at 10AM
  • Women's Group at 6PM
  • Men's Group at 7PM
  • Girl Code at 8PM


  • Free Lunch at 11:45AM
  • Small Group at 6:30PM


  • Dinner at 6:15PM
  • Logos Worship at 7PM


  • Fresh-ley at 6:30PM (Freshmen Bible Study)


  • Coffee and Conversation Thursdays,1:30PM at Beans and Franks
  • Small Group at 6:30PM


Fresh-ley are the two words freshmen and Wesley put together. This small group focuses on how freshmen can grow in their faith as a young adult in a new chapter of life; both individually and in the church. This group is led by Hanna and Lynzee! Join us for dinner at 6:30PM with bible study after. 

Let's Hangout!

Here at the Wesley, we love to spend time together. We have movie and game nights throughout the entire year. We also plan fun events held at the Wesley and adventures during the summer to different places around the state of Texas. Make sure to get in on the fun by getting connected with us!